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About me

Born on May 12th, 1962, in Zurich, 9 years of primary and secondary school, 4 years of federal training. Graduate car mechanic.


1982 – 1995: Globetrotter, car mechanic, unskilled worker, gardener, hobby pilot, DJ, roofer, Island manager (Maldives), carpenter, Restaurant owner, Nightclub manager, cleaner, further commercial training, store manager (music) and more


1995 started at Manpower as a personnel consultant, from 1997 leadership function.


2002 founding of the single company PCCP, 2005 change to GmbH.


1998 Married, two amazing grown-up children, happily divorced in 2022 (on the best of terms)


2023 building up my 2nd place of living - Lisbon Portugal and continuing PCCP as a lone fighterJ

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