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Personnel service is a matter of trust

Since 2005, PCCP has been at your side as a competent partner for personnel management issues. The constructive exchange with my international network motivates me every day.
Almost 30 years of experience in the brokerage industry, honesty, long-term thinking and open communication are my constant guideposts that I implement in my way of working.

my services

PCCP specializes in the following core competencies

Our Services
Executive search

We place specialists in the commercial, technical and IT sectors. Our main customers include well-known companies in the Rhine Valley and Liechtenstein.

Applicant training

PCCP supports job seekers in the areas of application training, application documents and career planning. We respond to the needs of the customer individually. 


PCCP trains on the subject areas

Self-management, leadership & guidance. The design and content can be flexibly defined and fully adapted to the needs of the client. 



Evatec AG
 CH-9477 Trübbach

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